Whitefly Trap – Large Yellow

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Introducing our Whitefly Trap, the perfect solution for protecting your plants from these tiny but troublesome pests. Our trap utilizes a special adhesive surface to capture whiteflies, preventing them from infesting your garden or greenhouse. Easy to set up and discreet in design, it seamlessly blends into your plant environment while effectively reducing whitefly populations. Keep your plants healthy and thriving with our Whitefly Trap, your go-to defense against these persistent pests.


Used for: 2 Sides Yellow Sticky Gnat Traps for Flying Insect Indoor/Outdoor use, note: do not remove glue cover in Bees area for two days so they will not tarped in the glue.


Particular: White Fly Trap sheet – 1405

Color: Yellow

Unit: Pack

LxWxH (CM): 22×33  ( 8.66 x 12.99 inches)

Brand: TAEIL

Origin: Korea

Pack: 50pcs / Pack ( including strap)

Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 30 cm
Large - Yellow

Large – Yellow


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