ULV Sprayer BF105-R

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Introducing the ULV Sprayer BF105-R: The pinnacle of precision and efficiency in pest control. This state-of-the-art sprayer harnesses Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) technology to disperse insecticides and disinfectants with unparalleled accuracy and coverage.

Designed for professional use, the BF105-R features a robust construction and ergonomic design for ease of operation. Its adjustable flow rate and droplet size ensure targeted application, whether you’re combatting mosquitoes, flies, or sanitizing large areas.

With its powerful performance and versatility, the ULV Sprayer BF105-R is the go-to choice for pest control professionals, sanitation teams, and facility managers seeking reliable and effective solutions. Experience superior results and unmatched convenience with the ULV Sprayer BF105-R.

Used for: Rechargeable (ULV) spraying machine for disinfectant, chemicals diluted with water for insect control.

Particular: Tank capacity 4.40 Max spray distance 8 m, chemical out put 30 l/hr., power 300 w,49500 rpm, BATTERY USING TIME 1 hr.


Color: Grey

LxWxH: 52.5x22x22.7

Brand: Best Fogger B105-R

Classified: Equipment

Manufacturer: TAEIL

Origin: Korea

Pack: 1 Unit


Additional information

Dimensions 52.5 × 22 × 22.7 cm
Large - Blue

Large – Blue


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