Rat Glue Trap

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Rat Glue Trap: Introducing our Rat Glue Trap, the discreet and effective solution for controlling rat infestations. With its powerful adhesive surface, this trap securely captures rats upon contact, preventing escape and ensuring a clean and hygienic solution to your rodent problem. Easy to set up and suitable for both residential and commercial use, our Rat Glue Trap offers peace of mind and protection against unwanted intruders. Keep your space rodent-free with our reliable and efficient Rat Glue Trap.

Classified: Rat

Used for: Rat, Mouse, Snake & Insect Glue Trays are made with non-toxic glue formula. They are sticky enough to catch all kinds of spiders, mice, rats, and crawling insects.

Particular: Black Rat Glue Trap per pack


Color: Black

Unit: Tray

LxWxH (CM): 26x13x1

Brand: TAEIL

Country: Korea

Pack: 2 pre-baited glue traps per pack


Additional information

Dimensions 26 × 13 × 1 cm


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