Gel Applicator G2

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Introducing the Gel Applicator G2, your advanced solution for precise and efficient gel application in pest control. This innovative tool is designed to streamline the process of applying gel baits, making it easier than ever to target hard-to-reach areas where pests hide.

With its ergonomic design and precise control, the Gel Applicator G2 allows you to apply gel baits with accuracy and ease, ensuring optimal placement for maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re targeting cockroaches, ants, or other crawling insects, this applicator enables you to deliver the right amount of bait exactly where it’s needed.

Say goodbye to messy and wasteful application methods. The Gel Applicator G2 helps you save time and resources while achieving superior results in pest management. Upgrade your pest control arsenal with the Gel Applicator G2 and take control of your space with confidence.

Used for:Gel bait gun applicator for applying gel tubes for cockroach , ants and others in same size, made of steel rod , plastic frame, with adjustable size of the droops, practical easy to use high-quality, low-cost


Particular:Gel Gun – G2

Color: Black

Classified: Equipment

Manufacturer: TAEIL

Origin: Korea

Pack: 1 Unit


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Large - Blue

Large – Blue


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